Brand Story

StrongLiftWear started off in Melbourne , Australia in early 2014

The Founder of SLW, Andrew reach out to Gerald to get help in Facebook and Google Ads campaign due to high cost per conversion which leaves a very slim profit margin due to fierce competition in Australia.

High Cost per acqusition.

How To Lowerdown CPA?

Upon diagnosing the main issue of high CPA, we realised that SLW have a huge email list and the previous FB vendor is spending 80% of the ad spend on cold audience ( Top of the funnel)

Quickly, we segment out the database of emails into few buying segments and create offers cater to the non active buyers.

Untapped audience.

High Impact Strategy

With the Micro user data strategy, we are able to convert at below USD 10 CPA and AOV of USD 90

USD 10 CPA with AOV USD 90

Hitting 1100% ROAS

Scaling Google Shopping Campaign

We were spending about USD 3000 monthly and getting return of ad spend about USD 15,000 .

Hitting 700% ROAS

“Working with Gerald and his team has been an absolute pleasure. When we look for freelancers, our philosophy is to hire an expert, tell them what we want, then step back, listen to their advice, and adapt plans accordingly. It seems so simply, but so many people simply fail to listen to and trust the people they hire. Gerald and team have not let us down. They have been able to lower our CPAs while accomplishing other side goals, all with minimal input on our end. Gerald and his team were also able to do something that not many agencies/advertisers do: identify and communicate profitable opportunities, and then execute and test in a methodical manner. Our only wish is that every freelancer and agency we work with could be as available, transparent, and competent as Gerald and his team.”

Peter •

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