How We optimise SEO for Shopify?

Optimization process as following.

  1. Shopify web structure focused on category page ( which is collection page) and also product page.
  2. Most of the eCommerce search intent would be 80% on commercial search intent – people are searching products and learn about it’s functionality
  3. Since product category are the highest search volumes compared to product keywords, Shopify uses collection structure for broad category while every products page would be park under collection page.
  4. Shopify silos page can be created easily via category page if done right, and powering each specific product page by the right interlinks.
  5. We would focus on product schema, product tags ( empowering the broad category), and proper product feed to be able to show organically in SERP shopping category
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  1. It’s very common that the Shopify SEO issues include:
    Inability to edit tag pages.
  2. Duplicate content.
  3. Duplicate page titles.
  4. Forced URL structure.
  5. Locked robots. …
  6. No customization of pages.
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SEO Tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. PageOptimizerPro
  4. Search Console
  5. Screaming frog
  6. Google entity extractot

Other eCommerce services

  1. Shopify SEO
  2. Magento SEO
  3. Woocommerce SEO


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