1. Define the scope

  • Understanding the goal of the website and structuring of topical mapping.
  • Audit on the current web structure – where are the pillar pages and clusters? how to regroup them accordingly without major changes on the URL namings?
  • Current mapping of site structure and how crawling navigates around the website
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2. Market persona mapping

  • Using the market persona deck, web structure should fit into all their content needs
  • Ask questions such as – does this page serve any solutions to the problem clients are looking for?
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3. Fitting into keyword research plan

  • Does the keyword research plan fits into the web structure and topical mapping? 
  • How does this web structure serve all the research done upfront?
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4. Optimum site HIERARCHY  

  • Does traffic easily find the content on your site easily and how many steps taken to reach to the piece of content on your site?
  • What are the average users stay on site before and after restructuring?
  • Does the bounce rate and dropoff improved?
  • Does the clicks to sub pages improved?

    These are the key metrics to measure if your web structure is optimised. We use CRO tools BrewingHot.com to analyze such data
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Nick Colin

Nick Kullin

Second Flight Agency

Gerald and his team at HighGround were 5 ***** !, They were so efficiently and deliver solid results for anyone looking to have Facebook backend team to manage their Facebook Ads account  


No Limit Coin

Great agency no need to get big New York agency. this is as effective
. Great work and we plan touse them again and again

Mike Lloyd / Yahoo

Michael Tougher


We were struggling with to gain conversions for our pre-orders on Indiegogo through paid campaigns. From starting to work with Gerald and his team, we were quickly gained high return on invesment. Great communication and understanding.


Toys ecom

Gerald and his team were definitely wizards! After reviewing the web structure, it’s very clear that alot of background research had been completed. The ads have performed very well – with more optimisation I do believe the ads are going to perform fantastically. Communication with the team was also great throghout!

Jane Bit / Nike

Mahoto Madara


What I liked about Gerald are the following,1) He walked me through the slides using Skyp while sharing his computer screen.This allowed me to ask questions on the spot and fully understand his thinking processes and logic behind the marketing strategies he made for us. He asked me an immediate feedback after completing the plan while my memory still fresh. 3) After seeing my feedback, he offered an additional research and a presentation giving some insights into a specific field i had no understanding before. 



Working with Gerald and his team was pleasure. They are very skillful and nice people (something very rare to find. He’s an expert in advertising and I will definitely hire him again A+

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