Since Malaysia’s digital landscape has been growing quickly in recent years, businesses must now create an online presence to connect with their target market. One of the most well-known digital advertising platforms, Google Ads, is a powerful tool that can assist companies in achieving their digital marketing goals. A successful Google Ads campaign demands a particular skill set, which many firms might not have on staff. This is where Google Ads agency based ads companies can help; they have the know-how to support companies in developing successful campaigns that produce measurable results.

It can be difficult to choose the best Google Ads agency in Malaysia because there are so many of them. Finding the marketing agency that is the best fit for your company can be difficult because each one has a different set of services and talents to offer. We have produced a list of Malaysia’s top 10 Google Advertising agencies in 2023 to make your life easier. These firms were picked based on their track record of providing outstanding results to their clients, their experience and knowledge, as well as their general reputation in the field.

These top-rated Google Ads firms can assist you in developing a customized strategy that meets your company’s needs and objectives, whether you run a little business or a vast enterprise. These companies offer a broad range of services to help you improve your ROI and expand your business, from keyword research and ad development to campaign management and analysis. By working with a reputed Google Ads firm, you may save time and money while ensuring that your advertising campaigns are carried out with accuracy and knowledge.

The top 10 Google Ads agencies in Malaysia are listed in this blog. This guide will assist you in choosing the best Google marketing partner to advance your digital marketing efforts, whether you’re new to Google Ads or looking to transfer agencies.

Top 10 Digital  Marketing Agencies in Malaysia 2023

Lion & Lion

Founded On2012
ServicesDigital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Creative Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Media Planning and Buying
Notable ClientsRexodon, Maybelline New York, Status-K, Petronas Syntium
Addressste 17-1 Hampshire Pl No 1, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, 50450, Malaysia

The leading digital marketing agency is Lion & Lion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which has a reputation for providing outstanding outcomes for its clients. The company has been around for more than ten years, and its staff of experts has experience in a variety of digital marketing services, including Google Ads. Being one of Malaysia’s top Google Ads firms, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Lion & Lion’s dedication to providing tailored solutions specific to its clients’ demands makes it stand out from its rivals. The marketing agency is aware that every company is unique and that each digital marketing plan needs to be customized. To design customized Google Ads campaigns that provide results, they collaborate extensively with their clients to understand their business objectives.

Focusing on data-driven initiatives is another essential characteristic that distinguishes Lion & Lion. The marketing agency uses sophisticated analytics tools to uncover insightful data that guide their plans since they think data is at the core of every effective Google Ads campaign. Lion & Lion is able to develop successful campaigns that effectively target the right audience at the right time and produce demonstrable results thanks to its data-driven strategy.

With a long list of honors and awards to their credit, Lion & Lion also boasts a successful track record. From startups to Fortune 500 corporations, the agency has worked with a broad spectrum of customers and assisted them in achieving their digital marketing objectives. One of the top Google Ads agencies in Malaysia, their knowledge of Google Ads has produced considerable growth and return on investment for their clients.

In conclusion, Lion & Lion is among Malaysia’s best Google Ads agencies because of its dedication to providing tailored solutions, data-driven tactics, and a successful track record. They stand out from the competition thanks to their industry knowledge and commitment to helping their clients succeed, making them a reliable partner for companies wishing to expand their online presence with Google Ads.

Search Guru

Founded On2013
ServicesCampaign, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, SEO,
Notable ClientsMercedes- Benz, Loreal Paris, Nissan, Fitness First, DHL, Air Asia
AddressSuite 7.01, Level 7, Centrepoint North, Mid Valley City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Leading digital marketing agency, SearchGuru is situated in Malaysia and specializes in several services, such as Google Ads, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The company has established a solid reputation as one of the top Google Ads agencies in Malaysia because of its emphasis on providing unique solutions and outstanding outcomes. Its team of seasoned experts is one of the main things that sets SearchGuru apart from its rivals. The agency’s team comprises certified Google Ads experts with a plethora of knowledge in running effective campaigns in various sectors.

They can develop tailored campaigns that increase conversions and profits for their clients because of their experience and understanding of the Google Ads platform. The fact that SearchGuru uses a data-driven approach to campaign management makes it the top Google Ads agency in Malaysia. For data collection and analysis on user behavior, trends, and campaign effectiveness, the agency makes use of sophisticated analytics technologies. This enables them to decide with knowledge and optimize campaigns for the best outcomes.

The dedication of SearchGuru to offering excellent service distinguishes them from other agencies. The agency closely collaborates with customers to comprehend their business objectives and develop campaigns supporting them. To keep their clients informed of the performance and development of campaigns, they send out regular reports and updates.

Last but not least, SearchGuru’s record of achievement speaks for itself. The agency has worked with several customers in various industries, generating considerable growth and ROI for them. They have received recognition and honors for their proficiency with Google Ads, including the Malaysian Digital Association’s d-Awards title for Best Large Search Marketing Agency in 2020.

Whoosh Media

Founded On2014
ServicesCampaign, Social Media Marketing, Website Development, SEO,
Notable Clientsie studios, ekseption, advocado, Global Foundries, ruma, 4Life, Atlas
AddressB-08-02, Atria Sofo Suite Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya,Petaling Jaya, Selangor Kuala Lumpur 47400 Malaysia

Whoosh Media is a reputable digital agency with headquarters in Malaysia. It is well known for offering efficient and quantifiable online advertising solutions to any company of all sizes. Whoosh Media is one of Malaysia’s best Google Ads marketing agencies for the following reasons:

  • Whoosh Media employs a group of highly qualified and certified Google Ads specialists with years of experience designing and implementing effective advertising campaigns. To guarantee the best results for their clients, they know the nuances of Google Ads and keep up with the most recent trends, updates, and tactics.
  • Whoosh Media has a track record of completing client projects. Numerous companies have benefited from their assistance raising their online view, increasing website traffic, and producing high-quality leads and conversions. Additionally, they have gotten a lot of good feedback from happy customers, which attests to their professionalism and dedication to excellence.
  • Whoosh Media provides a wide range of Google Ads services, which include account creation, campaign optimization, keyword research, ads copywriting, landing page design, and performance monitoring. They customize their services to meet each client’s particular objectives and needs, providing the highest return on investment.
  • Whoosh Media is dedicated to accountability and openness. They often give their clients reports and insights outlining the success of their advertising initiatives and how it has affected their bottom line. They also provide continuing assistance and guidance to assist their clients in making wise decisions and achieving their company goals.

Admiral Digital

Founded On2015
ServicesDigital Marketing, Web Design and Development, SEO, Email Marketing,  CRM and Sales Enablement
Notable ClientsVerimatrix, Sonno, The Music Run, Volvo, Property Guru Group, Malindo Air
Address22-12 Q Sentral, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur 50470 Malaysia

Admiral Digital is one of the best digital marketing agencies based in Malaysia that offers cutting-edge and effective online advertising solutions to companies in various industries. Admiral Digital, which was founded in 2016, has a team of Google Ads-certified experts with a wealth of expertise and experience in creating effective advertising campaigns that guarantee smooth consumer experiences.

Because of its highly qualified digital marketing teams, established track record, extensive menu of services, and first-rate customer support, Admiral Digital is a leading Google Ads marketing agency in Malaysia. They are dedicated to assisting companies in achieving their objectives for internet advertising and being competitive. Businesses working with Admiral Digital may anticipate excellent outcomes and highly competent and cooperative cooperation.

Admiral Digital works with companies to create a brand-new Google Ads account optimized for the best visibility and return on investment. To build a campaign that is both highly targeted and practical, they perform extensive research on the target audience, the competition, and the keywords. To guarantee that Google Ads campaigns are operating at their peak effectiveness, the knowledgeable staff regularly evaluates and adjusts them. They employ data-driven insights to modify bids, keywords, ads copy, and other aspects to increase conversions and reduce expenses.

Admiral Digital provides a wide variety of Google Ads services that are customized to match each client’s particular requirements and objectives. To produce outstanding results and aim to deliver the best ROI, they make use of cutting-edge tools, strategies, and data-driven insights. Businesses can depend on Admiral Digital for internet advertising solutions that are highly targeted, efficient, and affordable and that promote growth and success.


Founded On2001
ServicesFacebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Managed eCommerce
Notable Clients
Address1-18-8, Suntech @ Penang Cybercity, Lintang Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Exabytes is a prominent digital marketing agency that helps companies of all sizes with various digital marketing solutions in Malaysia. Since its founding in 2001, the company has expanded to rank among Malaysia’s top suppliers of web hosting, domain registration, website design, and digital marketing services.

Exabytes provides a wide range of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and so on. The agency uses cutting-edge tools and tactics and a data-driven approach to digital marketing to produce highly focused and successful campaigns that provide results.

Exabytes also place a high priority on customer assistance and happiness. Customers can get contact details and contact the agency’s devoted customer service team anytime for help with their queries or concerns. In order to keep customers updated on the status of their campaigns and ensure they meet their digital marketing objectives, they also regularly send performance reports and analytics.

AJ Marketing

Founded On2019
ServicesInfluencer Marketing, Celebrity Campaign, Social Media Management, SEO
Notable ClientsTikTok, Adobe, AMD, Philips, Godashop
Office AddressKuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50450

“One-Stop Agency For All Your Marketing Needs” – that’s the slogan of AJ Marketing. And they live up to it. No doubt about that. The leading digital marketing company in Malaysia is Aj Marketing. With more than 11 years of expertise, they have run more than 100 campaigns with remarkable results.  Established in 2019, the agency has swiftly built a reputation for providing successful digital marketing tactics that deliver results.

The agency’s team of digital marketing experts is very knowledgeable and skilled. The team comprises certified Google Ads and Analytics specialists with years of expertise in their respective professions. They apply their skills and knowledge to develop highly effective digital marketing plans specially crafted to address each client’s particular requirements and objectives.

If there’s one agency that helps you disrupt the traditional marketing model and make an impact, it’s AJ Marketing. Whether you are looking for Social Media Management, Celebrity Campaign or Performance Marketing, AJ Marketing is there for you. The fact that AJ Marketing places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and support is what makes them a trustworthy agency.

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) paid search advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are just a few of the many digital marketing major services from AJ Marketing. They employ a data-driven strategy for digital marketing, looking at user behavior and search trends to develop incredibly targeted and powerful campaigns that increase website traffic, lead generation, and sales.

Win Makers Marketing

Founded On2017
ServicesWebsite Design, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Digital Marketing
Notable ClientsJVC, audio pro, Bridgenet, Quinn, Cuckoo, Skur, Goodish, OSD Network and Security
Address891, Jalan Desa Makmur 5, Taman Desa Makmur, 09600 Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia

Win Makers Marketing is a Malaysian digital marketing and advertising firm that distinguishes itself from rivals in the field with its distinctive and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. In contrast to many traditional marketing agencies, Win Makers Marketing approaches digital marketing holistically, fusing creativity and technology to produce highly successful and compelling marketing campaigns.

One of its main advantages is the staff of seasoned and highly qualified digital marketing experts at Win Makers Marketing. The business employs a team of specialists in various digital marketing disciplines, including web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, and PPC advertising on search engines. The team collaborates closely with customers to comprehend their demands and objectives before developing tailored digital marketing campaigns.

Win Makers Marketing provides Google Ads marketing services intended to assist businesses in achieving their digital marketing objectives and promote expansion and success online. Win Makers Marketing is in an excellent position to support companies in the highly competitive online industry because of their proficiency in Google Ads marketing and dedication to providing results. The agency updates clients on the status of their Google Ads campaigns with regular performance reports and analytics. They use sophisticated tracking and reporting technologies to keep track of important indicators and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Win Makers Marketing is a cutting-edge digital marketing firm in Malaysia that combines skill, technology, and creativity to produce extraordinarily successful and compelling marketing campaigns. Win Makers Marketing is in a good position to assist businesses in achieving their digital marketing objectives and fostering growth and success in the online space thanks to its highly skilled workforce, emphasis on creativity and innovation, and dedication to producing results.

Buzz Interactive

Founded On2015
ServicesSoftware Development, Mobile App Development, CMS Development, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing
Notable ClientsFunnel, Arram, Irongear, SupremeForm, GoldBrick Hotel
Address891, Jalan Desa Makmur 5, Taman Desa Makmur, 09600 Lunas, Kedah, Malaysia

Buzz Interactive is a full-service digital advertising agency that integrates technology, design, and strategy to assist clients in achieving their objectives and expanding their businesses. Buzz Interactive is renowned for its creative and unique approach to digital marketing. Buzz Interactive is in an excellent position to support businesses in the fiercely competitive online market because of its knowledge of Google Ads marketing and dedication to producing results. The significant services Buzz Interactive provides are:

  • Designing
  • Social media management
  • Website development
  • Application development
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Buzz Interactive’s Google Ads marketing services aim to help companies connect with their target market, boost website traffic, and encourage conversions. The agency uses an in-depth research and analysis approach to Google Ads marketing to determine the best keywords and targeting strategies for each client’s business. Using advanced monitoring and reporting tools, they build highly persuasive ads language and landing pages optimized for optimal conversion rates. They also monitor campaign performance and make data-driven adjustments.

Buzz Interactive’s dedication to providing outstanding outcomes for its clients sets them apart from other digital marketing teams in Malaysia. The agency’s team of specialists collaborates closely with customers to comprehend their particular wants and goals before offering tailored marketing solutions for each client. Buzz Interactive is committed to fostering growth and success for its clients in the quickly changing digital market by emphasizing creativity, innovation, and teamwork.

Primal Malaysia

Founded On2015
ServiceseCommerce Marketing, Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Advertising, and More
Notable ClientsVerso, Honda, IHG, tp-link, under Armour, Ogawa
AddressMercu 2 Level 40, 3, Jalan Bangsar, Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Another digital and social marketing firm, Primal Malaysia, is making waves in the Malaysian industry. The agency has made a name for itself as a reliable partner for companies looking to flourish in the cutthroat internet industry by concentrating on developing bespoke solutions that assist organizations in achieving their goals.

Primal Malaysia is well-known for its advanced approach to digital marketing, which blends the most recent technology, design, and strategy to provide results that go above and beyond client expectations. Primal Malaysia offers a wide range of digital marketing services that can assist companies of all sizes achieve their digital marketing goals. These services vary from social media marketing and search engine optimization to content marketing and e-commerce solutions.

The services offered by the agency are created to assist companies in building a robust online presence, attracting and engaging their target audience, and boosting conversions and sales. Primal Malaysia provides a comprehensive range of services, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, site design and development, e-commerce solutions, and more. The business has a staff of experienced specialists and a lot of knowledge in the digital marketing sector. The agency has become a key participant in the Malaysian digital marketing sector thanks to its creative approach to digital marketing and dedication to providing customers with excellent outcomes.

The agency’s Google Ads marketing service, which aids companies in connecting with their target market, boosting website traffic, and promoting conversions, is one of its main competitive advantages. Primal Malaysia bases its strategy for Google Ads marketing on a thorough comprehension of each customer’s particular demands and objectives.

After conducting extensive research and analysis to determine the great keywords and targeting strategies, the agency’s team develops highly persuasive ads copy and landing pages optimized for the highest conversion rates. Primal Malaysia’s Google Ads marketing service is created to produce exceptional results for customers in a fiercely competitive online industry, emphasizing data-driven insights and ongoing optimization.

One Search Pro

Founded On2019
ServicesSEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Website Design
Notable ClientsPure & Cure, Kool Optix, KPJ Healthcare, TLS GROUP, KTIC GROUP, yes travel
AddressNo.11-2, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar Kuala Lumpur 56100 Malaysia

One Search Pro is a creative digital marketing agency that has swiftly made a name for itself in the Malaysian market. The firm provides a variety of services aimed at assisting businesses of all kinds to flourish in the online marketplace. The agency has a team of qualified specialists and a comprehensive understanding of the most recent digital marketing trends and technology.

One Search Pro’s services are customized to match each customer’s specific demands and objectives and range from search engine optimization and social media marketing to content creation and website design. The agency’s creative approach to digital marketing, which blends creativity, data-driven insights, and cutting-edge technology to help organizations reach their digital marketing objectives, reflects its dedication to providing outstanding customer outcomes. One Search Pro is a dependable partner for organizations looking to stay ahead of the curve in the quickly changing digital market thanks to an emphasis on collaboration and client happiness.

The company has a track record of producing effective Google Ads campaigns that help businesses connect with their target market and increase conversion rates. The distinctive method of campaign management used by One Search Pro makes their Google Ads marketing service stand out. The agency’s specialists perform in-depth research and analysis to determine the great keywords and targeting strategies before creating extremely persuasive ad text and landing pages optimized for the highest conversion rates.

The staff at One Search Pro also regularly evaluates and improves campaigns to guarantee that clients receive the excellent results possible. One Search Pro’s Google Ads marketing service is customized to match each client’s specific needs and objectives with a focus on transparency, teamwork, and customer happiness. One Search Pro offers the knowledge and resources to support you in achieving your digital marketing goals and staying one step ahead of the competition, regardless of how big or tiny your business is.


In conclusion, Malaysia is home to many elite marketing agencies that provide various services to aid companies in succeeding in the digital era. These agencies offer the know-how and tools to support businesses of all sizes in reaching their target audiences, engaging customers, and generating conversions. Their services range from Google Ads marketing to social media marketing, SEO, content production, website design, and more.

Businesses may take advantage of the newest digital marketing trends and technology to remain ahead of the competition and accomplish their marketing goals by working with one of these Malaysia’s leading Google Ads marketing agencies. There is a digital marketing firm in Malaysia that can support your success in the Internet market, regardless of how big or small your business is. So don’t put it off any longer; start today by partnering with one of these top agencies to advance your objectives in digital marketing.


What is the minimum budget for a Google Ads in Malaysia?

The daily minimum spending limit for a Google Ads campaign in Malaysia is RM 10, or about $2.50 USD.

How much does CPC cost in Malaysia?

The cost per click (CPC) varies in Malaysia depending on the market, the level of competition, and other elements. The typical CPC for Google Ads in Malaysia is, however, between RM 1.50 and RM 2.50.

How much is $10 Google Ads budget?

In Malaysia, a $10 Google Ads budget is comparable to about RM 40. With this spending restriction, a minor campaign might be launched for a few days to a week.

What is a Google Ads digital marketing agency?

A Google Ads marketing agency is a specialized professional service provider that focuses on developing, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform to assist businesses in connecting with their target market, boosting website traffic, and generating leads and sales.

How do I choose Google ad services agencies?

Consider criteria like experience, knowledge, services provided, client feedback and testimonials, pricing, communication, and transparency when selecting a Google advertising firm. Additionally, it’s crucial to look for an agency that shares your values and goals for your company.