How ebay keywords work?

A keyword is a significant word or short phrase. In the context of eBay, the most common usage of keywords is in listing titles. The chain of keywords used in a listing title act as a shortcut to understanding what specific item is being sold and its main features.


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Ebay Listing best practises.

  • Listing views, clicks, bids, and purchases
  • Your return policy
  • Your average response times
  • Item titles and descriptions
  • Your click-through and sell-through rates
  • Your seller ratings
  • Your seller feedback
  • Your shipping policies
  • Your delivery times
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eBay SEO Algorithm Secret Cassini

SEO Tools

  1. Ahrefs
  2. SEMrush
  3. PageOptimizerPro
  4. Search Console
  5. Screaming frog
  6. Google entity extractot

Other eCommerce services

  1. Shopify SEO
  2. Magento SEO
  3. Woocommerce SEO


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