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White Label PPC Services simply means outsourcing pay-per-click advertising management under your brand, which allows you to offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions without managing the PPC campaigns directly.

A Professional White Label PPC Agency is an expert in providing PPC services that can be rebranded. They handle PPC campaigns for other businesses while keeping the branding and identity of those businesses intact.

These agencies have experienced PPC specialists, use advanced tools and platforms, and have a proven record of running successful PPC campaigns in different industries.

This helps to save time and resources as it allows agencies who do not have in-house expertise to continue to provide PPC campaign services to their clients.

Why Should You Choose Our
White Label PPC Services?

You should consider choosing our white label PPC services because we are


A Certified Team

Our agency can offer expertise, quality assurance, and advanced strategies for optimizing campaigns. We constantly stay updated with industry trends to ensure relevance and competitiveness. As a certified team, we can guarantee consistent results and meet client expectations.


Conversion Focused

As a team that is focused on conversions, we optimize campaigns for higher ROI. We engage targeted audiences effectively and continue to refine strategies based on performance metrics. This approach aims to improve Ad quality scores, lower CPC, and drive more relevant traffic.


Customized Reporting

We also believe in transparent reporting and clear insights into campaign performance so that your clients can make informed decisions.

How Does Our
White Label PPC Work?

Different agencies would offer different services and packages according to their niche. At Highground.asia, we stand out from our competitors with these services:


Fast Onboarding Process

We are always ready and quick to initiate a consultation to streamline processes to ensure a quick and efficient campaign setup and management. Our onboard processes include:

  • understanding client goals
  • setting up account access and permissions
  • conducting thorough keyword research
  • creating compelling ad copies
  • setting up tracking and analytics
  • launching campaigns
  • providing regular updates and performance reports

Create and optimize all campaigns on a weekly basis

We create and optimize all campaigns weekly, ensuring their effectiveness and alignment with client goals. This involves conducting keyword research, creating ads, managing bids, and analyzing performance to maximize ROI and achieve desired results.

We Track ALL Leads (Form Subs & Calls)

To comprehensively monitor customer interactions, we track all leads, including form submissions and phone calls. This allows us to gather valuable data on lead sources, behavior, and conversion rates, enabling informed decisions and targeted optimizations for improved campaign performance and lead generation.

Build Custom Landing Pages

We develop customized landing pages tailored to specific campaign objectives and target audiences. These pages are designed to maximize conversions by aligning with user expectations, highlighting key benefits, and incorporating compelling calls-to-action. Through continuous testing and optimization, we ensure optimal performance and lead generation.


Custom Branded Reporting

We provide custom-branded reporting services that showcase key performance metrics and insights in a visually appealing and professional format. This includes integrating client branding elements for a cohesive look and feel, along with detailed analysis and recommendations to drive informed decision-making and campaign optimization.

Popular White Label PPC
Ads Types

Below are the different white label PPC Ad types that agencies provide to their clients:

White Label Google Ads

This comprehensive service covers keyword research, Ad creation, bid management, performance tracking, and customized reporting on the Google Ads platform that are optimized for the client’s objectives and audience.

White Label Bing Ads

Bing Ads campaigns also include keyword research, ad creation, bid management, Ad extensions, targeting options, performance tracking, and ongoing optimization on the Bing Ads platform.

White Label Facebook Ads

White Label Facebook Ad campaigns include creating, managing, and optimizing ads under the agency’s brand name. The providers will handle Ad creation, audience targeting, budget management, performance tracking, optimization, and reporting for the agency to ensure maximum ROI.


White Label TikTok Ads

White Label TikTok Ads involves creating, managing, and optimizing advertising campaigns on TikTok. It includes Ad creation, audience targeting, budget management, performance tracking, optimization, and reporting for effective marketing on the TikTok platform.

Essential Components of Successful
White Label PPC Campaigns

A successful White Label PPC campaign requires meticulous planning, precise targeting, and ongoing monitoring for optimal performance. Below is a breakdown of the key components needed to maximize ROI and ensure campaign success.


Planning and Goal Setting

In White Label PPC, effective planning and goal setting are foundational for campaign success. This includes defining clear objectives, understanding the target audience, conducting thorough keyword research, and outlining a strategic approach to budget allocation and ad placements.


Targeting and Ad Creation

White Label PPC campaigns can also excel through precise audience targeting and the creation of appealing and tailored ads. When combined together, these strategies help to enhance campaign performance and maximize return on investment (ROI)


Monitoring and Optimization

Monitoring and optimization are crucial for White Label PPC campaigns because they ensure continuous improvement. This involves regular performance tracking, strategic adjustments, and refinement of targeting for keywords and Ad content to enhance campaign effectiveness to meet client objectives.

Choosing the Right
White Label PPC Agency

Choosing the right White Label PPC agency is vital to ensure you get the best in the business to provide quality services on your behalf. Not only will this elevate your brand status, but it will also create new opportunities and more clients.


Experience equals results

Seasoned agencies bring deep knowledge and skills to PPC management, leading to more effective campaigns. This is because they have extensive experience that translates to better results, including higher conversion rates, improved ROI, and increased lead generation. In addition to that, they can develop and implement advanced strategies tailored to specific industries, markets, and client goals

Quality of service

A reputable agency is also sure to provide high-quality services and tailored solutions that align with client goals, target audience, and industry trends for maximum impact. This is because they would already be in the business long enough to know the best experts in the industry to meet client needs.

Strategic Alignment

The agency should also provide clarity and efficiency by aligning goals with the overall strategic direction. This ensures resources are well-utilized and encourages collaboration for strategic decision-making. The flexibility to adapt to changes while staying focused on long-term objectives is key to achieving success in today’s fast-paced industry.


Having clear communication also reduces misunderstandings and promotes accurate information exchange for streamlined processes. This leads to increased productivity and time savings. Good and open communication channels also facilitate efficient problem-solving processes through clear collaboration of issues and ideas.

 White label PPC Services Pricing

White Label PPC services offer flexible pricing models to cater to different clients with varying scalability. The table below is a general overview to illustrate how different pricing models can be structured for White Label PPC services.

Pricing TypeDescription
Flat FeeA fixed monthly or annual fee for managing PPC campaigns, regardless of ad spend or campaign complexity.
Percentage of SpendCharging a percentage of the client’s ad spend as the service fee, typically ranging from 10% to 20%.
Performance-BasedPayment is based on campaign performance metrics such as conversions or ROI, with a predetermined rate.
HybridCombines elements of flat fees and percentage of spend to offer flexibility and customized pricing.

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White label PPC allows businesses to use outsourced expertise to offer PPC services without having to develop their own in-house expertise or infrastructure.

The white label provider handles tasks such as keyword research, ad creation, bid management, performance tracking, and reporting, while the agency retains control over client relationships and branding.

A white label PPC agency is a company that specializes in managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns on behalf of other businesses under their brand names. These agencies provide services such as keyword research, ad creation, bid management, performance tracking, and reporting.

White label Google Ads is a service where a provider manages Google Ads campaigns for another agency or business under their branding. This allows businesses without their own expertise or infrastructure to offer Google Ads services to their clients.

PPC agencies generate revenue through management fees for overseeing PPC campaigns, which involve tasks like keyword research, Ad creation, bid management, and reporting.

Another common approach is to levy a percentage of the client’s ad spend as their fee or to tie fees to campaign performance metrics like conversions or ROI by offering bonuses for surpassing targets.

In addition, agencies can also charge when they offer consulting services, conduct training programs, or offer supplementary services such as landing page design or social media advertising.