White Label Link Building

White label link building refers to a service where a company provides backlinking strategies and services to other agencies or businesses under their own brand name so that their clients can improve their website’s search engine ranking without needing to develop a team of experts with the right capabilities and manpower in-house.

White Label Link Building Service – High Quality White Label Backlinks

Strong backlinks are the foundation of successful white label link building services. Let’s explore what makes them so valuable:

Relevance and Authority

These backlinks are from trusted websites in your field. They’re relevant to your business and help search engines see you as an expert.

Natural Link Acquisition

White label services focus on acquiring backlinks through natural and ethical means, like writing articles for trusted websites, creating content people love to link to, or strategically reaching out to relevant sites.

Diverse Link Profile

A good white label service gets you backlinks from many different places, like blogs, news, and social media. This shows search engines you’re trusted and well-known.

Customized Strategies

White label services tailor their backlink strategies to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re targeting local SEO, national visibility, or specific keywords, they’ll devise a plan that aligns with your objectives.

Monitoring and Reporting

These services don’t just build backlinks and leave it at that. They continuously monitor the performance of the backlinks, ensuring they remain active and effective. Regular reporting keeps you informed about the impact of the backlinks on your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

What is
White Label Link Building?

White label link building is like hiring a link-building expert to work on your client’s website without letting your client know.

In the SEO world, backlinks are super important. Backlinks are like votes of confidence from other websites, and search engines see them as a sign of authority and trustworthiness, which helps websites rank higher in search results.

So, by using white label link building services, you’re essentially getting outsourced expert help to attain these valuable backlinks for your client’s website and have them think that it was you all along. Not only does your client get what they want, but you’ll also have access to external expertise to help expand your services portfolio.

4 Benefits of White Label Link Building Services

White label link building services offer a host of advantages for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence. Here are four key benefits:

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

By acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, white label link building services help businesses climb higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) which also helps increase visibility and organic traffic.

Improved Website Authority

Building a strong backlink profile not only boosts search rankings but also establishes the website as a trusted and with good ranking authority in its industry. This, in turn, enhances website credibility and attracts more visitors.

Time and Resource Efficiency

Outsourcing link-building tasks to specialists saves cost, time, and resources, allowing in-house staff to focus on core operations while still reaping the benefits of effective SEO strategies.


Scalability and Flexibility

White label services also offer scalable solutions that are quick to adapt to changing SEO trends and business needs. This provides a flexible approach to improving online visibility and staying competitive in the digital landscape.

Highly Recommend Links Building Types

Acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sources is essential for boosting your website’s search engine visibility and credibility. Below are different types of link building strategies commonly used in SEO:

Guest Posting

This involves writing and publishing articles on other websites in exchange for a backlink to your own site. It’s a way to showcase your expertise and get exposure to a new audience.

Niche Edits

Also known as curated links or link insertions, niche edits involve adding your website link to existing content on other websites within your industry. This strategy leverages existing content to gain backlinks.


Also known as Help a Reporter Out, HARO is a platform where journalists and bloggers post queries, seeking expert input for their articles. By responding to these queries and getting featured in their content, you can earn valuable backlinks from reputable sources.

Blogger Outreach

This involves reaching out to bloggers or influencers in your niche to collaborate on content or guest posts. By partnering with them, you can gain backlinks from their websites and tap into their audience for increased visibility.

Link building Scams To Avoid

When it comes to link building, it’s crucial to steer clear of scams that can harm your website’s credibility and SEO efforts. Here are some common link building scams to avoid for a successful online strategy.


These are networks of low-quality websites created solely for the purpose of generating backlinks. They allow website owners to control a network of blogs and use them to link back to their main site, essentially creating a network of self-generated backlinks. They often violate search engine guidelines and can lead to penalties.

Link farms

Link Farms are collections of websites that exist solely to exchange backlinks with each other. Although it used to be a popular choice in the past to inflate a website’s link profile artificially, it lacks genuine quality content and can harm your SEO. Search engines like Google have also become much more sophisticated in identifying and penalizing such manipulative tactics.

Directory, comment, or forum links

On the other hand, Directories were online listings where websites could submit their URLs for inclusion while commenting on blogs or participating in forums allowed for link placement. These strategies were popular in the past because they were relatively easy to implement and could generate a high volume of backlinks quickly. Today, using directory, comment, or forum links solely for SEO purposes is generally discouraged, as they are often seen as manipulative tactics.

Fake guest post services

These services claimed to offer guest posting opportunities on various websites, but the posts were often low-quality, irrelevant, or placed on websites with little to no authority. While fake guest post services may have provided a temporary boost in backlinks, they were not effective in building a strong and sustainable online presence. In short, the posts do not provide real value and can damage your website’s reputation.

White Label Link Building Strategy

White label link building strategies refer to a set of tactics and techniques used by SEO agencies or specialists to acquire backlinks for clients under the client’s brand name. Ultimately, the goal is to boost search rankings and online visibility and the entire process involves several steps:

Make Order

The process begins with the client who engages the help of a white label link building service to discuss the outline of their objectives and requirements for the website.

Analysis Client Site

SEO specialists then proceed to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s website to examine factors such as current backlink profile, domain authority, content quality, and competitive landscape. This analysis helps identify opportunities and areas for improvement.


Based on the analysis, a customized link building strategy will be crafted for the client. This strategy outlines the types of backlinks to target, the approach for outreach and acquisition, and the timeline for implementation.

Personalize outreach

Using the strategy as a guide, the team can then begin to reach out to relevant websites and influencers within the client’s industry, asking them to add the links. This may involve crafting attractive pitches, offering valuable content contributions, or collaborating with them on mutually beneficial projects.

Relationship building

They build good relationships with these websites to make sure they add the links. This involves regular communication, providing value, and establishing trust and credibility with everyone in the industry.

Deliver results

Once the backlinks are secured and implemented, they can show the client the results and explain how it’s helping their website get more popular online. Regular reporting and analysis help track progress and optimize strategies for ongoing success.

What to Look for in a  White Label Link Building Agency

When choosing a white label link building agency, one should consider the following factors:

  1. Look for agencies with a proven track record and positive reviews from clients because experience in the industry indicates their ability to deliver effective link building strategies.
  2. Ensure the agency focuses on acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable and relevant websites. Quality backlinks are crucial for improving search engine rankings and credibility.
  3. Choose an agency that maintains transparent communication throughout the entire process. They should provide regular updates, reports, and insights into their link building strategies.
  4. Avoid agencies that engage in black hat SEO tactics, such as buying links or using link farms. Instead, opt for agencies that follow search engine guidelines and prioritize ethical link building practices.
  5. Look for agencies that tailor their link building strategies to your specific goals, target audience, and industry. A customized approach ensures the effectiveness and relevance of the backlinks acquired.
  6. A good agency will also provide detailed reporting and analytics to track the performance of your link building campaigns. This data helps you assess the impact of backlinks on your search engine rankings, and help your clients make informed decisions on how to improve overall SEO efforts.
  7. Give priority to agencies that offer scalable solutions to accommodate your growing needs. They should be up-to-date with the latest trends and be flexible enough to adapt to changes in SEO trends and algorithms.

White Label Link Building Pricing

White label link building pricing can vary widely depending on several factors. Below is a general overview of how pricing might be structured

Pricing ModelDescription
Package-Based PricingThese are pre-defined packages based on the number of backlinks or types of link building strategies included. Package-based pricing is straightforward and easy to compare.
Customized PlansPricing can also be tailored to each client’s specific needs after a thorough assessment of the website, competition, and goals. They often include detailed reporting and analytics tailored to your specific metrics and KPIs which allows performance tracking for future optimizations.
Hourly or Project-BasedSome agencies charge per hour or per project and these are more suitable for clients with a clear understanding of the required work needed. Clients have the flexibility to pay for specific tasks or projects rather than committing to ongoing monthly retainers.
Monthly RetainersAgencies that are required to manage ongoing link building services, complete with regular reporting, and optimization efforts, may prefer a monthly retainer. This option is often more cost savings compared to project-based pricing, especially for long-term link building campaigns
Performance-Based PricingWhat’s great about this type of pricing is that Agencies are motivated to deliver effective link building strategies that yield measurable outcomes. Clients also only pay for tangible results, which does offer some form of risk sharing.

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White label link building involves a client engaging a specialized service under their own brand name to acquire backlinks for their website. The process starts with analyzing the client’s website to identify link building opportunities and creating a customized strategy.

The service provider then reaches out to relevant websites to secure high-quality backlinks through relationship building and collaboration. This is followed up with regular reporting and monitoring to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign.

As a result, the client gets better online visibility and improved search engine rankings without ever knowing that the service was done by external experts.

White label link building examples include:

Link Building ExampleDescription
Guest PostingInvolves creating and publishing articles on other websites with a backlink to the client’s site.
Resource Link BuildingInvolves acquiring backlinks by offering valuable resources, such as guides, tools, or infographics, to other websites in the same or related industry.
Broken Link BuildingInvolves finding broken links on other websites and suggesting the client’s relevant content as a replacement.
Collaborative ContentInvolves partnering with influencers or experts to create content including backlinks to the client’s site.
Directory SubmissionsInvolves submitting the client’s website to reputable directories for backlink opportunities.
Social BookmarkingInvolves sharing the client’s content on social bookmarking sites to gain backlinks.
Local CitationsInvolves listing the client’s business on local directories and platforms for local SEO and backlinks.

Yes, white label link building is legal when conducted in accordance with search engine guidelines and industry best practices. However, it’s important to note that certain practices, such as buying links, using link farms, or engaging in manipulative tactics to artificially inflate rankings, are considered black hat SEO and can result in penalties from search engines.

The time it takes for white label link building can vary depending on several factors:

  1. Scope of the project in terms of complexity as the size of the project would influence the duration.
  2. Client’s goals, specific targets, or a need. Quicker results may shorten the timeline.
  3. For the more competitive industries, it may require more time to secure valuable backlinks.
  4. Building connections and securing backlinks takes time.
  5. If content creation is involved, such as guest posts or resource development, this too will add to the overall timeline.

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