Pillar Pages

Focus on bringing out Pillar page – the main page that contains all the subtopic of the site for stronger crawl impact and user navigations


Clusters Structure

Organizing the topics accordingly to ensure good traffic flow in the website



Pages that focused on services and under the main topic


1. Define The Scope

  • Understanding the goal of the website and structuring of topical mapping.
  • Audit on the current web structure – where are the pillar pages and clusters? how to regroup them accordingly without major changes on the URL namings?
  • Current mapping of site structure and how crawling navigates around the website

2. Market Persona Mapping

  • Using the market persona deck, web structure should fit into all their content needs
  • Ask questions such as – does this page serve any solutions to the problem clients are looking for?

3. Fitting Into Keyword Research Plan

  • Does the keyword research plan fits into the web structure and topical mapping?
  • How does this web structure serve all the research done upfront?

4. Optimum Site Hierarchy

  • Does traffic easily find the content on your site easily and how many steps taken to reach to the piece of content on your site?
  • What are the average users stay on site before and after restructuring?
  • Does the bounce rate and dropoff improved?
  • Does the clicks to sub pages improved?

These are the key metrics to measure if your web structure is optimised. We use CRO tools BrewingHot.com to analyze such data

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