Importance of ecommerce SEO for businesses

SEO is one of the most important strategies and tactics to scale traffic in Malaysia. If you happen to installed Google analytics, you will be able to see sales data that traffic coming from search engines are having the most conversion rate.

Why is that so? It totally makes sense if you look at how people are searching for solutions.

Imagine that you wanted to buy a very specific product such as ” Italian designed furniture”, the very first thing that you will do is type this search in Google – right?

This will be your very first touch point and followed by social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

Therefore, Google is still undeniably the most important platform for buying and learning.

Of course, you can advertise in Facebook or Instagram for your eCommerce products, but that should be a secondary channel after you have done proper foundation in SEO.

The reason for that is that all other social traffic are paid traffic – and lesser buying intent.

SEO is where everyone is searching to buy, while social is helping the buying process by retargeting.

Hire agency? Learn what is an actual SEO process

Before you decide to hire any eCommerce SEO agency in Malaysia – you should know what you can expect from the agency in terms of quality that you are looking for.

  1. How well so they communicate?
  2. Who is being assign to your project?
  3. What is their SEO process?
  4. What kind of results you can expect in 2-3 months?
  5. What are the other cost involved?
  6. Is this retainer fee or performance based fee?
  7. Can they do local SEO or International SEO?

By understanding more about their agency, you are able to know how they work and what kind of quality you may expect from investing them.

Ecommerce SEO Step by step

Before you start hiring an eCommerce SEO agency, it’s really important that you understand how eComemrce works in a nutshell.

A. Definition of Ecommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO like i mentioned above, it’s a process of improving your website structure to allow Google index it properly – and link building to get link juice ( measurement of how popular your website is)

B. Benefits of Ecommerce SEO for businesses

The benefit of SEO for business is that you get free organic traffic from people who are actively searching your product.


C. Common Ecommerce SEO strategies

  1. Product schema
  2. High click through rate title and descriptions
  3. Image tags
  4. Entity declaration
  5. Pillar page
  6. silo page
  7. Category page
  8. Product page
  9. technical seo

D. On-page optimization

Onpage optimisation such as

  1. Images optimisation
  2. Product feed.
  3. SChema
  4. Title / descriptions
  5. Languages
  6. Website speed
  7. User interface
  8. Technical optimization

Website speed optimization: Ensuring that the website loads quickly and smoothly for users, as slow loading times can negatively impact user experience and SEO performance.

Mobile optimization: Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly and can be easily accessed on mobile devices, as mobile search is becoming increasingly important for SEO.

URL optimization: Creating SEO-friendly URLs that are easy to read and contain relevant keywords.

Site structure optimization: Organizing the website’s content in a logical and hierarchical manner to make it easier for > Kazuya: Commerce store let alone running ecommerce business is a difficult task.

With our help, client’s are able to achieve better and faster results and cheaper than hiring in-house team.

E. Keyword research and optimization

Keyword research is not just search volumes and keyword difficulties. It consist of search intents for the buyers, what are the entities associated, frequently asked questions from the topic, and of course, the topical relevance for this set of keywords.

F. Access to specialized tools and technology

At, we use multiple tools such as Ahrefs, SEOtoollab, PageOptimiserPro, Inlinks and dozens of inhouse built tool to help us improve our workflow in SEO.

G. Measurable results and ROI

Working with HighGround, you may expect measurable results within 3 months and get ROI as quickly as possible. We even give KPI to all our staff on SEO ROI – to be fair with clients.